Vinnalunga '71


Deep ruby red colour with garnet rim, consistent. The bouquet opens with ve- getable tones, red fruit preserves continuing with balsamic notes, sweet spices, cocoa powder. Full and decisive on the palate with substantial tannin. Good persistence and finish on notes of ripe fruit. Food matching: Sausage and polenta. Serving temperature: 18°C

Bologna Rosso Dop


Tenuta Folesano

Dark and consistent ruby with purple hues. The impact on the nose has crun- chy cherry notes followed by sweet to- bacco and balsamic sensations. Powerful entry to the palate, it continues with balance towards a lingering finish where the tannin remains vigorous and joins a return of balsamic and liquorice notes. Food matching: Wild boar stew. Serving temperature: 18°C.

Bosco Eliceo Doc Bianco frizzante

Coop. Agr. Braccianti Giulio Bellini - Tenuta Garusola

Full yellow colour. Nose with fruity hints of white melon and mature golden apple and wild flowers and dandelion. Agile and tangy on the palate with a fruityfi finish. Food-matching: Fried prawns with white polenta Servire a 8°

Bosco Eliceo Doc Bianco

Ca' Nova

Delicate straw yellow colour. Pleasant sequence of aromas of ripe plums, sweet oral hints and notes of marzipan. Smooth and mouthfilling on the palate to be savoured young, with a strong tangy flavour. Food-Matching: Altedo asparagus risotto Serving Temperature: 10°C

Bosco Eliceo Doc Fortana Frizzante

Ca' Nova

Ruby red colour with purple highlights. Vinous and fragrant bouquet of sour red fruit. Delicately vegetal dark background. On the palate it is remarkably fresh, dry and tangy. Food matching: Fried eels Serving temperature 14°C.

Bosco Eliceo Doc Fortana

Corte Madonnina

Ruby red colour with purple highlights. The nose consists of a sequence of aro- mas from delicate touches of cherry to ne spices and herbaceous notes. Dry, essential, tangy and well structured, it lingers on the palate. Food matching: Stewed eel. Serving temperature 14°C.

Bosco Eliceo Doc Fortana


Agricola Gambi

Dark ruby red. Strongly aromatic nose with woody andundergrowth notes. Almost harsh but lively and wholesome on the palate. Intriguing finish. Food matching: Moderately cured cold cuts. Serving temperature: 14°C

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