Attractive resorts facing onto the Adriatic coast, which have decreed its international fame over the decades, starting from Rimini, but also Riccione, Cattolica, Misano which have become the capitals of the holiday industry and an inland area rich in history, symbolised by the dominion of the Malatesta Seignory and by tangible signs left on the territory, fortresses and castles, which are scattered all over the valleys: this is the province of Rimini, in its two immediately recognizable faces. Land of tourism and hospitality, not only seaside resort. Go back up the valleys of the inland area to encounter small gems like the Archaeological Museum of Verucchio dedicated to Villanovan civilization, or the places of the soul with fountains, parks, gardens, which evoke the world of Tonino Guerra and his poetry, an icon of these lands together with his friend Federico Fellini for whom he scripted Amarcord. A touch of the Fellini myth is present all over the province of Rimini, but it is truly at home only in the city of Rimini. The active holiday is the great protagonist along the valleys of the Conca and the Marecchia, ideal places for cycle tourism and horseback riding, thanks also to the presence of various equestrian centres, facilities for horses and riders and horse trails, which are numerous in the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. The Marecchia valley is also a paradise for free climbers and sport climbers, thanks to the rocky outcrops which characterize the landscape. Finally, a journey among the flavours; you start with the home-made pasta recipes, the tradition is rich in these, before moving on to tasty second courses of the hilly inland area with the grilled mutton based dishes, while the Riviera proposes a fish-based cuisine which enhances local fish like mackerel, sardines and anchovies. The best known wine and food products, besides the famous "piadina", include the C.D.O. wines and the extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. "Colline di Romagna", cultivations which characterize the hilly landscape that lies behind the sea.


The ancient Ariminium is an authentic artistic surprise. The historic centre features a marvellous Crucifix by Giotto, which is inside the marble and imposing Malatesta Temple (1450), commissioned by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and designed by the brilliant Leon Battista Alberti. The same temple is also home to a precious painting by Piero della Francesca. Domus del Chirurgo, the home and practice of a surgeon from the Imperial period and perfectly preserved is an unbelievable sight. Rimini also means the great Federico Fellini and the pleasure of sipping an aperitif or even just a cappuccino at the Grand Hotel in Rimini.

Tiberius bridge
Augustus Arch
Domus del Chirurgo (Surgeon’s house)
Footing along the seafront

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