Discovering this area through its valleys, from the sea to the crests of the Apennines, you will find a welcoming land, where quality of life is displayed in charming locations, delicious flavours and interesting events. It implies discovering flavours of the past, re-proposed with increasing success like the piadina, appreciating a more and more interesting winemaking business with generous wines like the Sangiovese, visiting historic centres of cities steeped in history, villages and castles which dot the hills where the Malatesta once reigned (Novello had the Malatesta Library built in Cesena, an outstanding example of Renaissance library and World Heritage monument), the Counts Guidi, the Florentine captains, the papal legates. From the lowland, where an excellent fruit and vegetable agricultural sector has developed, you climb up the Savio valley, crossed by the E45, the super highway which leads to the Apennines, to Bagno di Romagna a spa centre in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna, passing through Sarsina, home to the Latin playwright Plautus, to whom is dedicated a summer festival of classical plays. Among the flavours of this area it is worth mentioning the Pagnotta, typical Easter cake of these mid valley zones, while passing into the Terre del Rubicone, we find the old-time traditional dessert, the Bustreng, a secret recipe of a rural culture used to a poor pantry, and again the Savor, made of cooked must, apples and quince pears with almonds and walnuts or the legendary fossa cheese which ripens underground in Sogliano. These zones were once the site of the historic decision by Julius Caesar which would change the fate of Rome (and Savignano on the Rubicone celebrates the military captain). They are hilly areas, sometimes gentle sometimes rugged, a true paradise for bicycle lovers. Round each bend you will encounter a fortress or perched village, an eating-place, a wine cellar or a farm to stop-off for a welcoming tasty break.


Cesena, with its historic centre positioned “between the lowland and the highland” as Dante Alighieri wrote is one of the most charming of all cities that stretch along the via Emilia.
Cesena experienced an era of magnificence under the dominion of the Malatesta family, who gave its citizens the magnificent Malatesta library today included in the UNESCO “Memory of the World” register. Another stop-off point is the Malatesta Fortress from which a magnificent panorama can be enjoyed; don’t miss out on a visit to the Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria del Monte, with its collection of ancient votive offerings.

Malatesta Library
Malatesta Fortress
Basilica of Santa Maria del Monte
Villa Silvia-Carducci and Musicalia museum
Alessandro Bonci municipal theatre
The International street food Festival, Fiera of San Giovanni, Piazze di Cinema

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