In the valleys of Forlì, some taste meetings based on forgotten flavours, certified products and recipes, revisited. In the Apennines area some typical foods deserve a special note: the Ciavar, a sausage made with the poorest parts of the pig, and Tortello on the slab, which you can find in many versions. As for what concerns Tortellos, you can have fried tortellos in Meldola or the Bartolaccio of Tredozio. Not far way from Modigliana there is the Panforte (typical Christmas cake) with sweets, a traditional cake already rewarded in thge exhibitions in Paris and Milan in 1906, with a mysterious recipe. In the end, in the Municipalities of Alta Val Bidente you can find is a true star, the Raviggiolo, a historic cheese served lying on springs of ferms.


This ancient Roman city – Forum Livii – is one of the most interesting stop-off points along the via Emilia. Start your visit from the Bell tower of San Mercuriale, in Piazza Saffi, the arduous climb up 273 steps. Another stop-off point is the Complex of San Domenico transformed into the Museums of San Domenico which is home to many impressive art works. There are two routes, namely the Archaeological museum and the Painting gallery which, among many masterpieces, features the enchanting and ethereal Ebe sculpture by Antonio Canova. Not to miss is a visit to Palazzo Romagnoli, which is home to the Verzocchi Collection of 20th century Italian paintings dedicated to the theme of work, with masterpieces by Emilio Vedova, De Chirico, Depero and many more.

San Mercuriale bell tower
Complex of San Domenico museums
Ebe by Canova
Palazzo Romagnoli and the Verzocchi Collection

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