Among the dishes of Faenza we remember the spoja lorda, born in the Brisighella area, so called because it's fouled with the stuffing and served as soup, but also the rice pork-bone soup. Going back to farm-yard and garden, the artichoke "Moretto" is typical of this area: it is very tasty, used raw or lightly boiled. In both cases, the olive oil of Brisighella is the perfect dressing. The the shallot, which is celebrated in Riolo Terme with a special festival and preserved in oil or pickled, is a tastly accompaniment to meat or boiled meats. Finally, a hint of the typical Bracciatelli of Castelbolognese.


Today Faenza is famous worldwide for its ceramics. There are over fifty active ceramic workshops, and a world famous museum the MIC, the International Museum of Ceramics. In this city, so dear to the Gods as the Romans called it, take a charming stroll along the porticoes which surround its elegant centre, Piazza del Popolo with the Manfredi Palace (today the Palazzo is the town hall).

Ceramic museum
A walk along Corso Mazzini
Brisighella Oil Pdo
Faenza-Florence train
Visit to an artisan ceramic workshop

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