Bologna is the first province in Italy for the number of agri-food excellences with European recognition. The famous tortellino and the pork are the undisputed protagonists of its typical cuisine. The Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori Appennino Bolognese is a pretty new route of taste, which winds between ridges and valleys till the borders of Tuscany. Here we produce good wheat flour, spelt and chestnuts, used in the preparation of traditional sweets and cakes (pinze, raviole and castagnaccio), pane montanaro dell'Appennino (mountain
bread) and the crescentine, ideal to pair with the cheeses and salami of this area. Among them, together with Mortadella di Bologna, there is coppa (seasoned pork shoulder), sausage passita and ciccioli (greaves).

Bologna: Time Towers, endless porticos and medieval taverns

Climbing up a Time Tower with glass walls, travelling along the ancient underground waterways of Bologna, stopping off in the dialect room. The adventures you can experience inside the Museum of the History of Bologna seem to have come out of a Harry Potter movie. It is a museum with many special effects, sections designed by famous architects, magnificent paintings, visual and sound effects. The museum is housed in Palazzo Pepoli, in via Castiglione, in the city centre.

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