The Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori della Provincia di Ferrara exalts the eel, "queen of the valleys" and one of the main food of the area of Comacchio, where the autumn is celebrated with a great feast. Among the specialties you can encounter along this way there are the truffle bianchetto of Mesola, the garlic of Voghiera and the salama da sugo, a delicious pork meat sausage, whose first records date back even to 1300. Among the traditional desserts, Panpepato (gingerbread), already known during the Este dominion, Mandorlini of Ponte Lago Scuro, and he topini of Comacchio deserve a place of honour.

Ferrara romantic city

One of the most beautiful European art cities and UNESCO site. All visits and tours of this capital of Italian Renaissance start from Estense Castle.
An absolute must in the quintessential Italian Bike City is the tour of the walls, a route on a 9 km tree-lined embankment to discover the towers and fortifications which protected the city.
The compulsory stop-off points of a visit are Palazzo dei Diamanti, the medieval streets, the Jewish Ghetto and Palazzo Schifanoia where the Estense Court “fended off boredom” with parties, dancing and magnificent frescoes.

Estense Castle
An exhibition at Palazzo dei Diamanti
Cycling to the nearby Po River
Salama da Sugo cold cut

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