The balsamic vinegar of Modena, the white truffle and parmesan cheese are the main products of the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori Città Ciliegi Castelli. In these lands we produce fine flours which are the basis for the tigella of Modena, the fried dumplings and the delicious borlenghi, very thin and crisp crepes to eat with bacon, garlic and
rosemary. The hills are full of plums and cherries, of which Vignola is the undisputed capital. Northward of the Via Emilia you have the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori della Pianura Modenese. The Mustard of Carpi is one of the most characteristic products of the area, along with zampone (pig’s trotter stuffed with minced pork meat and spices), born according to the tradition of Mirandola.


In the beautiful Modena, declared a UNESCO heritage site with its Romanesque Cathedral, Piazza Grande and Ghirlandina Tower, another spectacular stop-off point is the Palace of the Dukes of Este which is also centrally located, one of the most important Baroque palaces in Italy. The Ducal Palace features the Golden Sitting Room or rather the work study of Duke Francis 3rd. Outside the city a visit to Maranello and to the Enzo Ferrari House Museum, in the city, are a must.

Piazza Grande
Romanesque Cathedral
Ghirlandina Tower
Ducal Palace
Enzo Ferrari house museum
Cemetry of San Cataldo designed by Aldo Rossi

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