Garden of herbs

Strada Provinciale per Prugno, Km 1.3 - Casola Valsenio (RA)

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In Casola Valsenio, on the Faenza hills, there is an area dedicated to medicinal plants. An original route which, between laboratories and cultivated terraces, allows to understand how they are used in medicine and in cosmetics. It is the Garden of Herbs, the current seat of which was inaugurated in 1975, based on the idea by Professor Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni, pioneer of Italian herbalism and originally from Casola Valsenio. The garden covers approximately 4 hectares and counts over 450 species of medicinal plants used in medicine, in cosmetics and in cooking. The garden is often the destination of school trips and guided tours; from 2002 it has been part of the educational farms and museum circuit of the Province of Ravenna. The garden route is organized in themed terraces. The olfactory experience is extraordinary. The walk is completed by a visit to the olfactory centre.

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