Museum of the eel - Production of marinated goods

Via Mazzini 200 - 44022 Comacchio (FE)

Tel.: 0533-81742 - E-mail:
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In Comaccchio an old facility for processing fish, eel in particular, has become a museum. Here, it is possible to see how the queen of these valleys is marinated and to savour the unmistakable flavour of these products.
The facility is the result of the masterful recovery of the old marinating factory. The eel is served in the restaurants of the area, cooked in many ways, but always following the traditional recipes and to preserve them they are marinated in vinegar. We are inside the Po Delta Park of Emilia-Romagna. The Museum offers an exhibition on the entire processing cycle of fish and the opportunity to see, at first hand, the operations required to marinate it. Of note is the fire room, built in the early 20th century, which contains twelve large fireplaces. The visitor can also attend themed conferences, guided tastings and charming in-depth sessions like the period films on eel processing.

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