Open-air museum of Brisighella Oil

Cooperativa Agricola Brisighellese Via Strada, 2 - 48013 Brisighella (RA)

Tel.: 0546-81103 - E-mail:
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The extra virgin Olive oil produced in the hilly lands of this medieval village of Faenza was the first to receive the PDO logo. The museum of Brisighella oil is one of the newest activities to enhance the century-old olive heritage of these lands and the entire production cycle: from the care of the plant to the sale of the product. We are in Brisighella, a medieval village at the centre of the area of the Brisighella olive. Here, the specific micro-climate and nature of the land have favoured the selection of several autochthonous cultivars which impart typical characteristics to the extra virgin olive oil produced here. The museum of Brisighella oil is an open-air route (seven stop-off points marked by information plaques) which meander along the roads of the area.

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