Chestnut Museum

Palazzo Alidosi Via Montanara 1 – 40022 Castel del Rio (BO)

Tel.: 0542-95906 - E-mail:
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The halls of Palazzo Alidosi, in Castel del Rio on the Imola hills, gather the secrets of the cultivation and processing of a fruit which, for a long time, was considered the “bread of the poor”. The museum established in 2002 is an opportunity to meet with nature, culture and the history of the high Santerno valley, centred on the chestnut fruit, in particular the luscious marrone from Castel del Rio which boasts the PGI logo. This is different to the standard common chestnut. First and foremost it is distinguished by its taste: sweeter and more perfumed, it enhances the aromas and flavours of the wood. The marrone is larger than the chestnut, so much that a husk encloses at most two/three fruits.

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