The Road of Wines and Flavours of the Faenza Hills

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This Road begins where the Apennines start to become rugged and wild, a favourite haunt for wine connoisseurs, since Sangiovese vine produces some of the best Italian wines. Strada del Sangiovese embraces the entire Province of Ravenna with a route that unravels between history, art and culture, starting from the Faenza hill and travelling the lowland as far as the sea crosses its new extensions, Via delle Pievi and Via del Sale, connecting important tourist destinations. Starting from the hills, these include Brisighella, with the charming medieval village and its unique aromatic and fragrant Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Brisighella olives PDO, Riolo Terme, tight around the ancient fortress and home to the Scallion from Romagna PGI (aromatised bulb and one of the basic ingredients of many local dishes), Casola Valsenio, famous for medicinal herbs, is worth a visit for its herb garden, until that which can be defined the true queen of these lands, Faenza, renaissance centre, of Roman origin, celebrated worldwide for its artistic ceramics. Having reached the lowland the route encounters the charming locations of Romagna d’Este, Lugo, Bagnacavallo and others, with important historical remains, a flourishing agriculture, and the conservation of rural traditions, until the splendid Ravenna, so rich in history and culture and Cervia, with its seafaring traditions and connected to its famous salt pans.

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