The Road of Wines and Flavours of the Province of Ferrara

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In a continuous succession and interweaving of rural, environmental and monumental attractions, you can choose between three distinct routes which are all equally unforgettable. The ‘Via del Grande Fiume’, which from west to east accompanies the flow of the Po river across both its current path which travels the ancient bed of the Volano river, crossing to the north Stellata, Pontelagoscuro, Ro Ferrarese, Berra, Mesola, and, further south, Settepolesini, Contrapò, Codigoro and Lagosanto. The ‘Via delle Corti Estensi’, which starting from Stellata passes by Cento, Bosco della Panfilia and Voghiera, home to the perfumed Garlic PDO. Finally, the ‘Via del Delta’, which from Gorino and Goro – known for the collection of flavoursome cockles, across Pomposa and the Lidos, reaches Comacchio, the city of Trepponti undisputed home of the eel, and Mezzano, large area which has recently been reclaimed and is rich in unique agricultural characteristics. Do you want to satisfy your palate? Among the many local products to taste, start with Coppia ferrarese, the bread with elegant and characteristic shapes protected by the PGI quality label assigned by the European Union, then the marinated Eel, the Po Delta Rice PGI, the Pampepato, the flavoursome Salama da sugo PGI and the Cappellacci with pumpkin. The Bosco Eliceo CDO wines are unique as they are produced using vines which grow on sandy soils that enhance their sapidity.

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