The Road of Wines and Flavours of the Imola Hills

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The itinerary unravels in a natural and rugged territory through hillside villages and medieval settlements between Emilia and Romagna. First stop-off point: Imola, with its 18th century castle. Continue on to the Frattona Wood Nature Reserve. Just 10 minutes away you can visit the medieval village of Dozza Imolese: a gem with small houses featuring walls frescoed by contemporary artists. At the top of the village, the 13th century Sforzesca Fortress is home to the regional wine shop. Climbing towards the hills you reach Fontanelice, known for the breeding of prized beef cattle, currently known as Vitellone Bianco dell'Appenino Centrale PGI. Castel del Rio is renowned for the homonymous Marrone PGI, the festival of which is held in October, Castello Alidosi and the curious medieval “donkey’s back” bridge. This Road is the birthplace of the CDO wines Colli d’Imola, the wines from Romagna and the celebrated Albana di Romagna DOCG. Keep an eye on the calendar: food festivals and other events, including the Baccanale of Imola, which proposes tastings, exhibitions and events for 15 days in autumn.

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