Anguria Reggiana

Caratteristiche del prodotto

The"anguria reggiana" was awarded PGI status with EU Regulation No. 1959 of 7 November 2016.
The PGI (protected geographical indication) recognizes three types of watermelon, all characterized by a high sugar content: the ‘Tondo’, or round melon, similar in type to the Asahi Miyako, the ‘Ovale’, or oval melon, similar in type to the Crimson watermelon and the ‘Allungato’, or long melon, similar in type to the Sentinel watermelon.
Their production area includes a large area of the Po Valley, in particular the municipalities of Gualtieri, Novellara, Santa Vittoria, Poviglio, Cadelbosco di Sopra, Rio Saliceto and Ca 'de' Frati. The traditional cultivation of this fruit in these centres is evidenced by the presence of huts made from wood and branches dating from the early twentieth century, where watermelon slices were consumed and sold.
Another element that differentiates this fruit relates to the elaborate methods of cultivation and collection ("a stacco") developed by local producers.

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