Cantine Casabella

Castell’Arquato - PC

Established in 2001, the company cultivates 50 hectares of vineyards and offers a wide range of local products among which the Mont’arquato wine line.

Cantine Romagnoli

Villò di Vigolzone - Piacenza

Cantine Romagnoli has been producing typical local wines for over 150 years using advanced technologies and exporting them all over the world.

Casa Benna

Castell’Arquato - Piacenza

Family-run farm set up in 1960. The 10-hectare vineyards are located on the lower hills close to the medieval village of Castell’Arquato.

Casamiglio - La Pioppa

Fornello, Ziano Piacentino - PC

The family run company, founded in 1965, aims to produce wines respecting the flavors and traditions of the territory of Piacenza.

Castello di Luzzano

Rovescala - Piacenza

The farm is located at the beginning of Valtidone, between 180 and 270 metres a.s.l.

Civardi Racemus

Ziano Piacentino - PC

Family-run company located on the hills of Piacenza. It extends over an area of 13 hectares of land, in the neighborhood of Montecucco.

Fratelli Piacentini

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Located in Ziano Piacentino, this winery has 6 hectares of vineyards. The Piacentini family has been producing wine since the 19th century.

Gaiaschi Terenzio

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Established in 1855, this winery moved towards low production and highly valued wines by relying on multiannual wine-making experience and careful grape selection.


Castel San Giovanni - Piacenza

Located on the Val Tidone valley, the family-run winery was set up in 1830. Its vineyards cover an area of 40 hectares.

Genesi Dionisio

Borgonovo Val Tidone - Piacenza

The farm is located between the hills of Borgonovo and Pianello. It is surrounded by 15 hectares of vineyards and processes harvested grapes in the cellar of Corano, producing the traditional Doc wine.

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