Azienda agricola il Casello

Bacedasco Basso - Piacenza

The winery il Casello, specialized in the production of the colli piacentini wines, combine the knowledge of traditional production and the safety of modern technologies, offering a kind of wine which is guaranteed according to the strictest regulations of the wine association. The vineyards of the production, cultivated in the guyot way, extend 18 hectares, all in the area of Bacedasco Basso, 250 mt above sea level. Our firm produces the main Doc (Registered Designation of Origin) wines in the district of Piacenza: among the red ones, still and sparklingGutturnio, Barbera and Bonarda; among the white ones, Ortrugo,Sauvignon and Malvasia in two different sorts: sweet and dry.


Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

The winery is located in Albareto di Ziano, on the hills of the Tidone Valley. The grapes harvested from these vines are of excellent quality and are vinified to preserve their typical aromas.


Ponte dell’Olio - Piacenza

This family-run winery stretches over the top of a hill, whose sides are covered by its vineyards. The most typical local grapes are grown, especially Barbera and Croatina.


Vigolzone - Piacenza

Established in 1798, this winery has 34 hectares of vineyards, from which Piacenza Doc and international wines are obtained.


Rivergaro - Piacenza

The Trebbiano Val Trebbia Doc is the most representetive product of this farm.

Borri Graziella

Travo - Piacenza

This winery located in the middle valley of the Trebbia river has been producing wine for three generations. Its vineyards are located on upper hills at 400 m above sea level on limy, marly soils.


Carpaneto Piacentino - Piacenza

Passion for vines and wine-making has been passed on over the generations of the Campana family

Cantina di Vicobarone

Vicobarone di Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Set up in 1960, the farm has 800 hectares of vineyard, where local grapes are grown

Cantina Valtidone

Borgonovo Valtidone - Piacenza

The cooperative society was set up in 1966. The approximately 300 winegrowing partners deliver 80 quintals of grapes, of which 87% is Doc.

Cantine 4 Valli

Piacenza - Piacenza

Located in Piacenza, in its vineyards barbera, bonarda, pinot nero, ortrugo, chardonnay and malvasia grapes are grown.

Cantine Casabella

Castell’Arquato - PC

Established in 2001, the company cultivates 50 hectares of vineyards and offers a wide range of local products among which the Mont’arquato wine line.

Cantine Romagnoli

Villò di Vigolzone - Piacenza

Cantine Romagnoli has been producing typical local wines for over 150 years using advanced technologies and exporting them all over the world.

Casa Benna

Castell’Arquato - Piacenza

Family-run farm set up in 1960. The 10-hectare vineyards are located on the lower hills close to the medieval village of Castell’Arquato.

Casamiglio - La Pioppa

Fornello, Ziano Piacentino - PC

The family run company, founded in 1965, aims to produce wines respecting the flavors and traditions of the territory of Piacenza.

Castello di Luzzano

Rovescala - Piacenza

The farm is located at the beginning of Valtidone, between 180 and 270 metres a.s.l.

Civardi Racemus

Ziano Piacentino - PC

Family-run company located on the hills of Piacenza. It extends over an area of 13 hectares of land, in the neighborhood of Montecucco.

Fratelli Piacentini

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Located in Ziano Piacentino, this winery has 6 hectares of vineyards. The Piacentini family has been producing wine since the 19th century.

Gaiaschi Terenzio

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Established in 1855, this winery moved towards low production and highly valued wines by relying on multiannual wine-making experience and careful grape selection.


Castel San Giovanni - Piacenza

Located on the Val Tidone valley, the family-run winery was set up in 1830. Its vineyards cover an area of 40 hectares.

Genesi Dionisio

Borgonovo Val Tidone - Piacenza

The farm is located between the hills of Borgonovo and Pianello. It is surrounded by 15 hectares of vineyards and processes harvested grapes in the cellar of Corano, producing the traditional Doc wine.

Il Ghizzo

Ponte dell’Olio - PC

The farm, located in Ponte dell’Olio, producing wine for three generations respecting the oenological tradition of the territory, but constantly open to innovation and improvement.

Il Poggiarello

Travo - Piacenza

In 1980 The Ferrari and Perini families took over this farm located in the Trebbia valley. In 1982 they started the reorganization of the farm, integrating typical varieties with international ones.

La Ciocca - Res Uvae

Castell'Arquato - Piacenza

La Ciocca is a dynamic winery set up in 2007 and located in Val Chiavenna, one of the best valleys of the Piacenza Hills. Its vineyards cover an area of 16 hectares, where the farm produces elegant wines.

La Ferraia - Roberto Manara

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Set up in 1936, the farm owns one of the most ancient cellars. Its 33-hectare vineyard is located on the hills of Ziano Piacentino.

La Stoppa

Rivergaro - Piacenza

Set up in the 19th century, the farm is located on the hills of the Trebbiola valley.

La Tollara

Cortina di Alseno - Piacenza

This young winery located on the hills of Piacenza aims at enhancing the relation with the local territory by growing typical and international grapes on their 6.5-hectare vineyards.

La Torretta

Nibbiano Valtidone - PC

Historic company located in the heart of Val Tidone. In 2015 it teamed up with another wine its neighboring company, constituting an important player among the largest in the valley.

La Tosa

Vigolzone - Piacenza

Family-run farm set up in 1980 on the lowest hills of Valture. There is a wine museum and a collection of ancient books on oenology


Bacedasco Alto - Piacenza

Set up in 1960, the winery is owned by the Loschi family that has been always dealing in wine production. The 11.5-hectare vineyards lie on very sunny sandy land.


Ponte dell’Olio - Piacenza

In an area of 11 hectares on vines, the Merengoni family produces both local traditional sparkling wines and wines sharpened in oak strokes.

Montesissa Francesco

Frazione Rezzano, Carpaneto Piacentino - Piacenza

Set up during the 19th century. Still today, his descendants carry on the tradition of the family, growing the 35 hectares of vineyards located in the Chero valley.

Mossi 1558

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Our winery has historic roots, which have been documented by the architect Valeria Poli who, working back through existing manuscripts, which are kept in the State and Parish archives, has re-constructed our history as far back as the 1st Rural Farnese Valuation (1° Estima Rurale Farnese) of 1558 relating to the town of Albareto. Since then, fourteen generations have followed, always in Albareto, producing grapes and making wine. The ownership changed hands in June 2014 when the Profumo family decided to invest in the winery. The intention of the new owner is to continue producing typical Piacenza wine, constantly improving, using new technics and production processes. They wish to promote their wine to the outside world so it can be appreciated as it is in their area.


Pianello Val Tidone - Piacenza

Perini & Perini

Piacenza - Piacenza

The wine adventure of this farm began thanks to the successful collaboration between Achille Ferrari and Antonio Perini in 1952. Today typical grape varieties of the Piacenza area as well as international grape varieties are grown.

Pietro Gazzola

Travo - Piacenza

Azienda Vitivinicola Pietro Gazzola is located in the middle Trebbia valley which enjoys, protected by its surrounding hills, a climate that is ideal both for wine and cultivation of vine. The company was founded in the early ‘70s by Antonio Gazzola, who inherited a small farm. Antonio Gazzola, with love and passion, expanded the small farm to its current size. For many years, the Company avoids the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, preferring the prevention of diseases of the vineyard using the integrated fight methods thus respecting the environment and preventing also any pollution.

Podere Gaiaschi

Genepreto di Nibbiano - Piacenza

Set up in 1939 from the union of the Loc. Roncona and Ca’ di Sotto farms, today this winery stretches over 35 hectares, 5 of which covered by vineyards on sun-drenched clayey soils with a low yield per hectare.

Podere Le Lame

Bacedasco Basso - Piacenza

Located into the “Parco Regionale dello Stirone”, the farm owns vineyards where typical local grapes are grown.


Vigolo Marchese di Castell’Arquato - Piacenza

The farm grows 22 hectares of vineyards on the side on the Chiavenna torrent. In the middle of the vineyards, the historical building dominated by the typical tower

Santa Giustina

Pianello Val Tidone - PC

This farm extends over an area of more than 100 hectares, 22 of which are covered by vineyards.

Società Agricola Terzoni Claudio

Bacedasco Alto - Piacenza

Founded in 1860, tha family run farm, located in Bacedasco Alto, produces quality wines between innovation and tradition.

Tenuta Colombarola

Trevozzo di Nebbiano - Piacenza

The passion for winemaking is in the DNA of Travini family, who owns the estate growing international grapes such as Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Marsanne.

Tenuta Il Rintocco

Bacedasco Alto Vernasca - Piacenza

Set up in 1950 by the Terzoni family, in 2010 Tenuta Il Rintocco was founded under the direction of Diego and Giancarlo to satisfy the requirements of demanding customers with niche products.

Tenuta Pernice

Castelnuovo - Piacenza

Started in 1988, this winery cultivates 41 hectares of vineyards according to integrated pest management methods. It grows mainly Ortrugo, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Torre Fornello

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

The farm owns 73 hectares of vineyards in the heart of the Tidone valley, a large wine-growing area. The grapes come only from the farm’s vineyards.


Loc. Albarola di Vigolzone - Piacenza

This winery, purchased in 1977, started producing wine from its own grapes back in the 90’s making the most of local grapes according to the rules of organic viticulture.

Villa Rosa

Bacedasco Basso, Vernasca - Piacenza

A small family-run winery born in 1954, that produces Doc wines. The owner An- drea, follows all the phases of production, from the vineyard to the winery, bottling to deliver his wines.

Villa Tavernago

Pianello di Val Tidone - Piacenza

Tenuta Villa Tavernago wines are the result of grapes grown organically with the goal of preserving an unpolluted environment while carrying on the agricultural tradition of the Piacenza area. Vineyards have obtained the ICEA, USDA and “Natural Valley” certifications. The new natural products made available by scientific research, appropriate farming techniques and a careful winemaking allowed us to preserve both a genuine taste and superior nutritional properties without the use of chemicals.

Vitivinicola Valla

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

The winery was founded in 2007, when Davide Valla took over the family business to keep its traditions alive. The estate covers 5 hectares of vineyards that are exclusively grown with native varieties. Genuine and traditional wines are obtained, while respecting biological cycles.

Zerioli - Tenuta Pozzolo

Ziano Piacentino - Piacenza

Located on the Piacenza hills, for over one century this winery has been growing traditional grapes on 62 hectares of clayey and limy soils.

Amadei Federico

Parma - Parma

The farm, founded in 1992, covers an area of 35 hectares, 25 of which planted with vines.


Calicella di Pilastro, Langhirano - Parma

Founded in 1956, the farm is situated on the hilly area between Felino and Langhirano. Today it grows 70 hectares of vine, sparkling wines account for 85% of the production .

Azienda agricola Ca' Nova

Costamezzana di Noceto - Parma

Set up in 1982, the Ca’ Nova winery has 7 hectares of vineyards located at 300 m above sea level in an area particularly suitable for wine-growing since the age of Frederik II.

Cantina Il Poggio

Salsomaggiore Terme - Parma

Located on the hills of Parma, this farm owns 15 hectares of vineyards, where barbera, bonarda, cabernet, merlot and malvasia grapes are grown.

Cantine Bergamaschi

Busseto - Parma

Set up in 1909 by the current owners’ grandfather Demetrio Bergamaschi, this winery has 5 hectares of vineyard located in Samboseto di Busseto, in the heart of Parma’s plain.

Cantine Ceci

Torrile - Parma

Set up in 1938 by Otello Ceci, a famous host in the Parma area, who produced wine for his tavern. The company has contributed to the upvaluation of the Lambrusco wine.

Carra di Casatico

Casatico di Langhirano - Parma

Located in one of the most attractive places of Colli di Parma, where the beautiful Castle of Torrechiara is sheltered behind the hills. Vineyards cover an area of 22 hectares

Il Cortile del Castello

Casatico di Langhirano - Parma

Founded back in 1910, this is the most ancient winery of Parma. In one annex building there are still the 16th-century wine cellars, which house an old press dating from the 17th century, known as the Plinio.

La Bandina

Casatico di Langhirano - Parma

This family-run farm stretches over 13 hectares and is located on the low hills of Casatico, near the Torrechiara Castle, a particularly suitable area for the production of Doc wines


Casatico, Langhirano - Parma

The farm has 21 hectares planted with vines. The wines are made from vineyards grown according to integrated pest management techniques.

Monte delle Vigne

Ozzano del Taro - Parma

Monte delle Vigne vineyards stretch over 60 hectares, mainly producing typical Emilia wines.


Guardasone - Traversetolo - Parma

Oinoe is the result of the meeting between Cavalli and Cerioli families. In 13 hectares of vineyards local and international grapes are grown


Sala Baganza - Parma

The farm was set up on the hills within the Boschi di Carrega regional park.It has 20 hectares of vineyard cultivated according to integrated pest management systems.

Podere Crocetta

Zibello - Parma

Set up in the 17th century, today the farm grows fortana and lambrusco grapes in its vineyards.

Vigna Cunial - Azienda Elena

Traversetolo - Parma

Organic winery duly certified since 2003, which stretches over an area of 83 hectares on the hills of Parma, at an altitude between 250 and 400 m above sea level.

Albinea Canali

Canali - Reggio Emilia

Set up in 1936, this winery has been famous for a long time for the quality of its wines from the cask. Today it offers top quality wines for the traditional sales channel.

Bertolani Alfredo

Scandiano - Reggio Emilia

Started in 1925, this winery has been family-run for four generations. In 2008 the new seat was opened, thus fulfilling a dream pursued over one century of devotion to wine.

Bini Denny - Podere Cipolla

Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

The company’s wines are made using only local grapes. They are neither clarified nor filtered; the method chosen for the second fermentation is bottle refermentation.

Cantina Fantesini

Bibbiano - Reggio Emilia

Today the winery owns 7 hectares of vineyards lying in gently sloping foothills yielding high quality wines which are produced following ancient wine-making traditions.

Cantina Puianello

Puianello - Reggio Emilia

In 1938 five wine-growers set up the Puianello winery. Has always been using state-of-the-art technologies to produce quality wines.

Cantina Soc. San Martino in Rio

San Martino in Rio - Reggio Emilia

This co-operative company, founded in 1907, currently gathers about 300 winemaking partners and constantly aims at improving quality.

Cantina Sociale Centro di Massenzatico

Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

The wine-growers’ cooperative of Centro of Massenzatico was set up in 1938. Today this winery processes highly selected Doc grapes collected from its partners.

Cantina Sociale di Gualtieri

Gualtieri - Reggio Emilia

The wine-growers’ cooperative of Gualtieri was set up in 1958. Today this winery processes highly selected Doc grapes collected from its partners.

Cantina Sociale di Rolo

Rolo - Reggio Emilia

This agricultural cooperative set up in 1922. The cooperative takes care of the complete processing cycle, from the grapes to the bottle.

Cantina Sociale Masone - Campogalliano

Masone - Reggio Emilia

The Winery was set up in 1908. The traditional competence of wine-growers and the wine-making techniques are constantly monitored and updated by experts, always looking for a safe product rich in quality.

Cantine Due Torri

Montecchio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

The cellar is half way between the hills and the plane and works in its seat in Montecchio and in the shop in Sant’Ilario, in the heart of Valle d’Enza.

Cantine Lombardini

Novellara - Reggio Emilia

The winery Cantine Lombardini was set up in 1925. Today the farm is run by Marco and Riccardo, the grandchildren of the founder. They use the stateof- the-art wine-making technologies.

Cantine Riunite

Campegine - Reggio Emilia

In 1950 nine wineries joined to set up Cantine Riunite with the aim of producing top quality wines. Thanks to perseverance and considerable investments, today it is a big company operating on the national and international market.

Casali Viticultori

Pratissolo di Scandiano - Reggio Emilia

The Casali Viticultori was set up around 1900 and since then it has represented the wine-making tradition of the hilly area between Scandiano and Canossa.

Emilia Wine

Arceto di Scandiano - Reggio Emilia

This cooperative founded in 2014 has about 2,000 hectares of vineyards where it grows the main local grapes.

Il Farneto

Castellarano - Reggio Emilia

Located amidst the hills of Scandiano and Canossa, this winery is found on a highland at 250m above sea level and extends over 34 hectares, of which 8 are grown with vineyards using organic methods.

Lini 910

Canolo di Correggio - Reggio Emilia

Cantine Lini winery was set up in 1910. The constant commitment to the promotion of the value of typical products.

Medici Ermete

Gaida - Reggio Emilia

The winery is located in the main production area of lambrusco. Vineyards are located on a gravelly soil, suitable for growing the selected grapes.


Montecchio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

Founded in 2001, the farm focuses on the production of wines cultivating in particular lambrusco maestri, lambrusco salamino, malbo gentile and malvasia of candia.


Borzano di Albinea - Reggio Emilia

The farm grows, applying integrated pest management principles granting to its customers a genuine product of high quality.

Rinaldini Az. Agr. Moro

Calerno di Sant’Ilario d’Enza - Reggio Emilia

The farm wants to produce high quality wines with traditional characteristics using innovative production techniques and preferring indigenous varieties.


Montecchio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

Small family-run farm that vinifies its own grapes trying to obtain the highest quality with very low yields per hectare. Vinification and ageing are carried out with the utmost care and without the use of filters.

Tenuta Aljano

Jano di Scandiano - Reggio Emilia

The winery produced wine for the first time using estate-grown grapes only. Today vineyards cover a surface of 20 hectares.

Tenuta La Piccola

Montecchio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

This farm stretches over 25 hectares of vineyards in the area of Montecchio Emilia. The production is particularly favourable, on the sides of the Enza River at a height of 105 metres a.s.l.

Venturini Baldini

Roncolo di Quattro Castella - Reggio Emilia

The farm practices organic farming. It has oil of its own production.

Acetaia Leonardi Giovanni

Magreta di Formigine - Modena

Vinegar farmhouse Leonardi started its activity in the 18th century but from the middle of the 19th century it has specialized in the production of balsamic vinegar, using its own raw material. In fact, the farmhouse is surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards mainly of Trebbiano (white grape) and Lambrusco (red grape). It is a closed cycle farm since all the production process, from farming to vinegar making, takes place in the same place.

Az. Agricola Pezzuoli

Maranello - Modena

Farmers for three generations and deeply rooted ever since in the fertile lands of the Modena hills and plains, this winery grows all different types of Lambrusco grapes.

Azienda Agricola Pedroni

Nonantola - Modena

The Pedroni family has been running the winery since 1862. After 7 generations, production includes: wine, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena DOP, Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, fruitbased liqueurs and single-variety grappa.

Azienda agricola Sereni

Marano sul Panaro - Modena

The production facility is located at Marano, in the lovely Villabianca hills. In a rural setting of vineyards and olive groves, this zone is unaffected by industrial pollution. Here the changing weather and seasons continue to repeat the ancient pattern that has served for centuries to ensure the natural production and ageing of a wonderful balsamic vinegar. The sets of barrels made from different types of wood stand in lines in the building, which fits attractively into its natural surroundings.Hundreds of barrels, mainly small, wait year after year for the vintages of the Trebbiano Modenese and Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes grown in our own vineyards, which will then, after gentle pressing, pass straight on to the boiling process in the large boilers.

Balugani Roberto

Castelvetro di Modena - Modena

Situated on the hills of Levizzano Rangone of Castelvetro, tha farms has 5 hectares of vineyards where lambrusco and other typical grapes are grow


Casinalbo di Formigine - Modena

Situated at the foot of a hill a few kilometres from Modena, this ancient farm was acquired produces also balsamic vinegar.

Cantina Bassoli

Carpi - Modena

This is a family farm managed by father and son, which are very proud of the wines that produce. It is in the area of Carpi and it extentds for seven hectares.

Cantina della Volta

Bomporto Modena - Modena

Located in the production area of Lambrusco di Sorbara, the winery owns 9 hectares of vineyards, where international grapes such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are also grown and used to produce Classic Method sparkling wines.

Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara

Sorbara di Bomporto - Modena

This winery was set up in 2012 as a result of the merger between Cantina di Carpi and Cantina di Sorbara. Today it has 1,200 members and a production capacity of 400,000 hectolitres of wine per year.

Cantina di Santa Croce

Fraz. Santa Croce Carpi - Modena

Founded in 1907, after one hundred years the winery is still an important business in the area of Carpi. The winery aims at guaranteeing the quality and genuineness of the wines, according to the best wine-making tradition.

Cantina Formigine Pedemontana

Corlo di Formigine - Modena

The winery was set up in 1920 by 49 local farmers. Today, the ancient winery has turned into Cantina Formigine Pedemontana, a modern winery resulting from the merger with Cantina di Sassuolo.

Cantina Settecani - Castelvetro

Settecani di Castelvetro - Modena

The farm was born in 1923. It takes care of the complete processing cycle, from the grapes to the bottle.

Cantina Zucchi

San Prospero - Modena

This winery was founded in 1950. It owns 10 hectares of vineyards featuring varieties such as Lambrusco di Sorabara e Salamino.

Cantine Cavicchioli

San Prospero - Modena

At the end of the 1920s, Italy became aware of its immense archaeological treasures, stunning landscapes and endless potential for a new business: tourism. This unique heritage in the world also includes native grape varieties that fill the vineyards of Italy with colour.


Castelvetro di Modena - Modena

This winery was founded in 1992 as an organic farm since the outset. It owns 5.5 hectares of vineyards featuring varieties such as Lambrusco Grasparossa, Pignoletto, Trebbiano and Malbo gentile.

Cavallotti Enrico

Castelfranco Emilia - Modena

From the end of the eightie the firm produces fizzy wines with the Charmat system. The vintage is rigorously manual and wine-making process is performed with modern technologies.

Ca’ Berti

Loc. Levizzano Rangone - Castelvetro - Modena

This family-run farm has been handed down through five generations. The whole process is carried out inside the farm and in a artisanal way.


Campegine - Reggio Emilia

In a span of few years Cantina Cooperativa Vini di Castelfranco Emilia, set up in 1950, has given birth to four more wineries and established the Interprovincial Consortium of Wine, which soon after started the activity of bottling.

Cleto Chiarli

Castelvetro - Modena

The Winery is therefore the most ancient wine-growing farm in Emilia and the first Italian privately-owned company making regional wine.

Corte Manzini

Castelvetro di Modena - Modena

The Company was founded in the 1978 by Manzini Lodovico, Lorenzo, Giordano, Ruggero. The farm surface extends on more than 25 hectares (10 located on the hills and cultivated to vineyard). Manzini's company is still family-run and all the grapes come from the vineyards of our property. As a result of an accurate pruning and picking we obtain controlled grapes which give origin to controlled denomination of origin wines.

Fattoria Agricola Ricchi

Castelvetro di Modena - Modena

The farm owns both vineyards and olive trees. Loris Ricchi believes in organic farming in order to produce natural wines

Fattoria Moretto

Castelvetro - Modena

Set up in 1991, the winery is located in Castelvetro, a small town in the province of Modena, featuring a very fertile soil, particularly suitable for wine-growing.


Castelfranco Emilia - Modena

In 1980 Antonella and Marco Fontana started the business, today the farm produces wine in according with organic farming.

Francesco Bellei & C.

Bomporto - Modena

Founded by Francesco Bellei in 1920, this winery has always dedicated to wine making using the classical method.


Sorbara - Modena

The farm has dedicated itself to the cultivation of this precious vine and it produces a high quality wine.


Nonantola - Modena

It was 1974, and Pietro Gavioli was proudly holding the title of cellar master at Sorbara di Bomporto, when the history of the Gavioli family intertwined with high quality Lambrusco and they have never been separated since then.

La Battagliola

Bologna - Bologna

Established in 2000, the winery owns 26 hectares of land planted with vines on a mainly gravel soil. All vineyards are grown with Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes.

La Piana

Castelvetro - Modena

The farm is located on the hills above Castelvetro and covers an area of 11 hectares, of which 7 are vineyards. Its production is certified as organic.


Castelvetro - Modena

Founded by Enzo Manicardi in 1980 on the hills of Castelvetro, this farm is still run by the Manicardi family.

Martelli Az. Agricola

Loc. Manzolino, Castelfranco Emilia - Modena

In 1995, starting from a small cellar, the owners have initiated a research project to better meet the needs of customers.


Levizzano Rangone - Modena

This winery, which in 2005 moved to organic farming, is also a vinegar producer and a holiday farmhouse.

Paltrinieri Gianfranco

Cristo di Sorbara - Modena

Situated in the heart of the production area of Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc wine, this farm makes wine from its own vineyards and also produces jams and grappa.

Podere il Saliceto

Campogalliano - Modena

This winery was set up in 2005 out of the passion of the young Gian Paolo and Marcello. The wines produced reflect the care and attention taken and paid to vineyards.

Poderi Fiorini

Savignano sul Panaro - Modena

Alberto Fiorini and his family produce wine in the area of Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc and Lambrsuco Grasparossa Doc.


Sozzigalli di Soliera - Modena

The Chiarli Family, five generations of wine producers in Modena, has chosen the best own grapes and the vines of land more suited to the champenoise method to create the Quintopasso line.


Campegine - Reggio Emilia

Gaetano Righi, the first president of the Interprovincial Consortium of the Wines of Modena has been following the production of the classic wines traditionally produced in Modena for many years.

Tenuta Forcirola

Bomporto - Modena

This farm was founded by Francesco Bellei, in Bomporto, in 1920. Now the winery is managed by the fourth generation of wine-makers. Today the farm has totally abandoned to use of the autoclave in favour of a traditional method of natural fermentation in the bottle.

Tenuta Pederzana

Solignano Vecchio di Castelvetro - Modena

This Castelvetro-based winery is still linked to local traditions while producing a modern-style Lambrusco Grasparossa.

Tenuta Rustichelli

Carpi - Modena

The farm Rustichelli extends south of Carpi and extends over an area of approximately 8 hectares, the soil where our vineyards are land rich in clay and sand deposits from the Quaternary age.

Tenuta Vandelli

Loc. S. Michele dei Mucchietti, Sassuolo - Modena

Set up in 2012, this farm has a long history which starts a century ago. In its vineyards local grapes are grown.


Guiglia - Modena

In 5 hectares of vineyards lambrusco, pignoletto and malbo gentile grapes are grown.

Torre dei Nanni

Savignano sul Panaro - Modena

In the vineyards of the farm we can find typical grapes of Bologna and Modena areas.


Pazzano di Serramazzoni - Modena

This farm covers an area of 4,7 hectares, where malbo gentile, uva tosca and lambrusco grasparossa grapes are grown according with organic methods.

Villa di Corlo

Baggiovara - Modena

This farm produces 5 varieties of Lambrusco, among which are Corleto Lambrusco Emilia Igt.


Castelnuovo Rangone - Modena

Founded in 1970 by Bruno Zanasi. The farm’s 50 hectares are grown with Lambrusco Grasparossa, Trebbiano and Pignoletto varieties. The farm also organizes guided tours to its vinegar.

Ca' Nova

Lido degli Scacchi - Ferrara

Teh wine-growing farm, founded in 1925, is located in the heart of Bosco Eliceo. It is a small three-hectare farm, run very carefully.

Corte Beneficio

Copparo - Ferrara

It’s located in an estate which used to be a possession (“beneficio”) of the Diocesan Church, after which it was named.

Corte Madonnina

Loc. Pomposa di Codigoro - Ferrara

Established in 1988, Azienda Agricola Corte Madonnina owns 6 hectares of vineyards in the surroundings of the Abbey of Pomposa, where it produces D.O.C. Bosco Eliceo wines.

Gennari Roberto

Argenta - Ferrara

Established in 1985, this farm produces fruit, vegetables and grapes. It produces a wine named “Il Verginese”.


Consandolo - Ferrara

The farm produces the typical wines in the sandy soil of Bosco Eliceo and was one of the promoters of the Doc denomination in 1989.


Vigarano Pieve - Ferrara

The farm has been handed down to four generations. The most precious wines produced by this farm are those of Bosco Eliceo.


Loc. Montesanto, Voghiera - Ferrara

Established in 2008, the farm Pettyrosso is located in Voghiera, where produces wine strarting from Tocai/Friulano grapes.


Monteveglio - Bologna

The low yield per hectare, the integrated pest management practices and the respect for tradition bring to high quality grapes produced in its 20-hectare vineyards.


Monte San Pietro - Bologna

This farm is located on a hilly area, between 130 and 320 metres a.s.l. The varieties mainly grown are pignoletto, sauvignon, barbera, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Cantina Bazzano

Bazzano - Bologna

Established in 1928 on the initiative of 15 local vine growers, today it gathers 340 members producing grapes from Marzabotto up to Bologna and Modena’s plain, giving about ten DOC wines which fully represent this land.

Cantina Sociale di Argelato

Argelato - Bologna

Since the early ‘70s, the Argelato winery has vintaged most of the grapes produced on both sides of the Rhine river.

Cantine Sgarzi

Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna

The family Sgarzi has been growing vines and producing wines for many generations in Castel San Pietro Terme. The first recognitions date back to 1933. Since those early days, Cantine Sgarzi Luigi has always considered the genuineness to be the most important goal and it has continued to invest in the estate and in the winery by combining traditional viniculture with modern technologies. Year by year, the industrial and commercial business have been developed alongside an important winegrowing activity and Cantine Sgarzi Luigi has evolved into a sizable company with its own international trading network , in more than 80 countries.

Cinti Floriano

San Lorenzo di Sasso Marconi - Bologna

Its 27 hectares of vineyards are situated in 3 different areas: Tignano, Montechiaro, and San Lorenzo.

Corte d’Aibo

Monteveglio - Bologna

The farm, inside the “Parco storico dell’Abbazia”, practices organic farming. The wines are obtained from the farm’s own grapes.

Dalla Terra e Dal Mestiere - Vitevino

Oliveto-Valsamoggia - Bologna

Founded in 2011, the company is managed by the owner Gianluca Allegro, viticulture researcher at the University of Bologna. On the 1.1 hectares of vineyard are being raised grechetto gentile, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon and merlese.


Bazzano - Bologna

This farm, founded in 1933 and situated in the territory of Bazzano, produces high quality wines following traditional methods aimed at enhancing the characteristics of grape varieties.


Zola Pedrosa - Bologna

In this newly established winery, grapes are harvested by hand and vintaged so as to highlight the typical characteristics of the grapes and of the area of the Bologna hills.

Fondo San Petronio

Monteveglio - Bologna

The vineyards of this family-run winery cover an area of 5 hectares on the hills, at the foot of the ancient village of Oliveto, where pignoletto and barbera grapes are grown.


Zola Predosa - Bologna

This farm has been run by the Gaggioli family since 1972. Vineyards extend on the hills of Bologna.


Monteveglio - Bologna

Founded in 1960, this farm is situated near the borders of the Abbazia di Monteveglio Regional Park.

Il Monticino

Zola Predosa - Bologna

This winery was set up in 2000 by the Morandi family, who reactivated old vineyards and planted new ones.


Monte San Pietro - Bologna

This family-run farm founded in 1898 follows the entire production process, from the vineyard to the wine cellar.

La Collina

Castello di Serravalle - Valsamoggia - Bologna

Small family-run winery located in a hamlet of Castello di Serravalle, at 450 m above sea level. The 2-hectare vineyards are located on soils rich in silt, silicon and limestone.

La Mancina

Monteveglio - Bologna

Founded in the 1960s, the farm has 23 hectare vineyards on hills of Bologna. Recently it has been renovated in the winemaking technologies and the vineyards.

La Marmocchia

Castello di Serravalle - Bologna

This farm founded in 1884 has 14 hectare vineyards in the Colli Bolognesi Doc wines Area, planted on the slopes overlooking the Ghiaia river valley.

Lodi Corazza

Ponte Ronca di Zola Predosa - Bologna

This family-run farm extends over 60 hectares of arable land, of which 18 grown with vineyards and the rest planted with arable crops. It processes grapes of it own production.

Malcantone Guidotti

Monte San Pietro - Bologna

The winery lies at the foot of the Avezzano mount, next to one of the most ancient wine and silk routes.


Zola Predosa - Bologna

This winery, in the heart of the Colli Bolognesi Doc area, is named after Paolo Manaresi, a painter and grandfather of Donatella Agostoni, the manager of the winery.

Maria Bortolotti

Zola Predosa - Bologna

The farm is situated on the lower hillside of Zola Predosa. Since 1992, the farm has adopted organic production methods.

Mastrosasso - Torricella

Valsamoggia - Bologna

In 3,5 hectares of vineyards pignoletto, sauvignon, merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes are grown.

Montevecchio Isolani

Monte San Pietro - Bologna

The farm’s vineyards extend over 20 hectares. Hier the sands point the presence of the sea in the Quaternary era.


Sasso Marconi - Bologna

Located in a scenic area 15 minutes away from Bologna, this winery, which was set up in 2011, stretches over an area of 100 hectares, 15 of which are covered by vineyards. It also breeds ovines and grows fruit.

Podere Riosto

Pianoro - Bologna

The farm’s vineyards cover 16 hectares of the 70 ha of total area and are situated in the historic hills of Riosto, at Pianoro.

Tenuta Bonzara

Monte San Pietro - Bologna

On the hill of San Chierlo, the farm extends over 100 hectares, 14 of which grown with vineyards.

Tenuta Santa Cecilia alla Croara

San Lazzaro di Savena - Bologna

Organic winery located in the Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa Park, which has 6 hectares of vineyards, on which traditional grapes from the Bologna area are grown

Tenuta Santa Croce

Monteveglio - Bologna

This company belongs to the Chiarli group and is steeped in the Colli Bolognesi Doc wines area. The farm extends over 60 hectares, 30 of which grown with vineyards.


Casalecchio di Reno - Bologna

This farm, founded in 1961, stretches over 230 hectares, 35 of which grown with vineyards, on the lower hills of Casalecchio di Reno.


San Lazzaro di Savena - Bologna

Located in the Regional Park of “Gessi e Calanchi dell’Abbadessa”, amidst scenic views and trekking paths, this winery grows 15 hectates of organic vineyards making the most of local grapes.


Fagnano di Castello di Serravalle - Bologna

Family-run winery set up over 50 years ago, which has been one of the founders of the Consorzio Colli Bolognesi. It grows mainly Pignoletto grapes.

Vallona Fattorie

Loc. Fagnano Castello Serravalle - Bologna

This farm stretches over 4 plots of land, with its central unit, where the winery is located, in Castello di Serravalle. The modern winery was founded in 1980.

Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

Zola Predosa - Bologna

Set up in 1961 by Enrico Vallania, a doctor who loved wine, the winery is on the hills of Bologna and its vineyards cover an area of 13 hectares lying on cleyey soils.

Assirelli - Cantina da Vittorio

Dozza - Bologna

Set up 40 years ago on the hills of Dozza, this winery covers an area of over 16 hectares of vineyards, on which local and international grapes are grown using the integrated pest management system.


Toscanella di Dozza - Bologna

Set up in 1858 by Branchini family, the company is managed by the fourth generation of wine-growers. It produces mainly sangiovese, pignoletto and al-bana grapes.

Ca' Bruciata

Imola - Bologna

Ca’ Bruciata was set up in 1961 and owns 21 hectares covered by vineyards. It cultivates sangiovese, pignoletto and other typical grapes.

Ca' Rossa

Imola - Bologna

Cà Rossa farm was set up in 1912 in Casola Canina (Imola), on a vine-growing soil. Their wines are obtained from the estate's vineyards and the winemaking is made into their cellars by using the modern technologies.

Cantina Mingazzini

Medicina - Imola

For over 50 years the Mingazzini company processes the grapes from local producers and not, offering a wide range of selected wines.

Cantine Zuffa

Imola - Bologna

The Zuffa family has been passing down the passion for wine-growing since 1800 according to certified organic methods.

Casa Vinicola Poletti

Imola - Bologna

Casa Vinicola Poletti was born in 1928. “La Sagrestana” is the range of Doc and Docg wines made with the grapes produced and selected by the homonymous farm.

DalFiume Nobilvini

Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna

Set up in 1949, this winery, which has 60 hectares of vineyards, grows both international grapes and the autochthonous grapes Pignoletto, Albana, Trebbiano, and Sangiovese.

Fattoria Monticino Rosso

Imola - Bologna

Founded in the 60es the conpany is surrounded by 20 hectares covered by vineyards between Imola and Dozza.

Fondo Cà Vecja

Imola - Bologna

Fondo Ca’ Vecja’s vineyards stretch over 19 hectares. The winery has thermalcontrolled tanks and small wooden casks for the ageing of red wines.

Fratta Minore

Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna

Established in 2007, this winery is located on the hills of Castel San Pietro Terme. Its vineyards, which stretch over 4.5 hectares on mainly limy land, are cultivated according to organic methods.

Le Siepi di San Giovanni

Fontanelice - Bologna

Established at the beginning of the last century, the winery owns 12 hectares of vineyards. The property also includes a 40-hectare estate, an eating house and a wine shop.


Imola - Bologna

Set up in 1962, the Merlotta farm is located on the sweet hills of Imola. The farm covers an area of about 45 hectares and combines careful growing methods with the most advanced winemaking technologies.

Nicola Galassi

Casola Canina Imola - Bologna

The Nicola Galassi company owns modern vineyards stretching over a area of 46 hectares and combines a long tradition of wine-making with the use of advanced wine-making technologies.

Poderi delle Rocche

Dozza Imolese - Bologna

The farm is located in the “Doc Colli d’Imola” area and stretches over the territories of Dozza and Imola. It directly produces, vintages and bottles its wines.

Tampieri Marco

Dozza - Bologna

Since 2009 the company is run by the third generation of the family, who pursues his passion for the grape varieties, among them stands a curious varieties of Albana, a rose one.

Tenuta Colle degli Angeli

Casalfiumanese - Bologna

Since 2006, this winery has been cultivating 6 hectares of vineyards located in Vallelustra, on the limy hills between Imola and Dozza. It grows Albana, Sangiovese, Pignoletto and Merlot grapes.

Tenuta Montecatone

Mantecatone, Imola (Bo) - Bologna

Located on a silent hilly area, Tenuta Montecatone has 26 hectares of young vineyards replaced in the last 10 yars with the most recent techniques.

Tenuta Palazzona di Maggio

Ozzano dell’Emilia - Bologna

The Perdisa family has been cultivating the hilly lands of this winery for three generations. The winery is named after the 18th-century villa “Palazzona di Maggio”.

Tre Monti Sant’Anna

Imola - Bologna

Tre Monti Sant’Anna is located on the hills of Imola and owns 20 hectares of vineyards covered by local grapes. Guided tours are organized in the place.

Tre Monti

imola - Bologna

The company was set up at the beginning of the 1970s and includes two farms, one located on the hills of Imola and the other on the hills of Forlì.

Umberto Cesari

Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna

Umberto Cesari has been playing a prominent role in the international wine production for over 40 years. It is a leading company abroad in the production of Sangiovese wine.

Villa Poggiolo

Castel San Pietro Terme - Bologna

This winery, which has 60 hectares of vineyards, grows autochthonous grapes like Sangiovese, Pignoletto and Albana, as well as Cabernet sauvignon and Chardonnay according to low environmental impact methods.


Faenza - Ravenna

The farm, founded in 2000, employs modern wine-making technologies without forgetting to respect traditions and the environment.

Astra - Innovazione e sviluppo

Faenza - Ravenna

Company dealing in the service and research sector at the Technological Pole in Tebano, where there is a university course in Viticulture and Oenology.

Ballardini Riccardo

Brisighella - Ravenna

The company produces and sells the wines made with carefully selected grapes.


Faenza - Ravenna

Set up in 2009, this farm grows sangiovese, pinot bianco, alicante, centesimino, longanesi and trebbiano grapes over an area of 10 hectares.

CAB Brisighella

Brisighella - Ravenna

Born in 1962 from an idea of some local winemakers, this winery also became an oil mill in 1975. Today’s 600 members produce wines from 1,000 hectares of vineyards.


Faenza - Ravenna

This winery grows the most ancient autochthonous rapes on well-ventilated clayey or clayey-silty soils on the hills in a natural amphiteatre of unique beauty.

Cantina di Faenza

Faenza - Ravenna

Cantina di Faenza was set up in 1932 by some of the most important wine-growers of the Faenza area. Its well-merited reputation is due to high technologies and passion.

Cantina San Biagio Vecchio

Faenza - Ravenna

The San Biagio Vecchio farm is located in a suitable area for high quality winegrowing. The estate is surrounded by 6 hectares of vineyards where is produced albana, sangiovese and centesimino.

Cantine Intesa

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

Wine-making is carried out in the winery of Modigliana using the best grapes, after a strict selection process. Most of the 44 hectares are under Sangiovese grapes cultivation.


Faenza - Ravenna

Caviro includes 32 wine-producers’ co-operatives, which account for 10% of the national wine production through a certified supply chain with unique depth, size and surface.

Ca’ di Sopra

Marzeno, Brisighella - Ravenna

The farm is on the first hills above Faenza. Lime-clayey soils and the ideal exposure of vineyards at 150-230 m altitude have always guaranteed grapes of absolute value.

Ca’ Pirota

Faenza - Ravenna

The project of Ca’ Pirota company joins Monti Coralli land, devoted to highquality wine-making activities, with the excellence of Faenza ceramics.


Brisighella - Ravenna

This winery is located on a hilly ridge at about 300 m above sea level. It stretches over 3.6 hectares of medium texture sandy land.

Costa Archi

Castel Bolognese - Ravenna

The winery was set up at the beginning of the 1960s and gradually replaced all the vines using also the old biotypes. Its 13-hectare vineyards stretches over the area of Serra di Castel Bolognese.

Fattoria Zerbina

Marzeno di Faenza - Ravenna

Fattoria Zerbina was set up on the hills over Faenza. This winery has been producing typical local wines for 46 years, especially Albana, Sangiovese and Trebbiano.

Francesconi Paolo

Faenza - Ravenna

This organic farm, founded in 1992, has 8,5 hectares of vineyards on a mainly clayey soil.


Faenza - Ravenna

This farm covers a total area of 20 hectares and is divided into two farm properties, one planted with fruit crops and the other with vineyards and olive trees.

La Pistona

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2000, this firm owns and manages directly a farm on the hills of Modigliana. It growns sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, ciliegiolo, chardonnay and trebbiano grapes.

La Sabbiona

Oriolo dei Fichi, Faenza - Ravenna

Located on Romagna’s hills near the Medieval tower of Oriolo dei Fichi, the farmhouse works to safeguard native vines.

La terra degli dei

Brisighella - Ravenna

Set up in 2011, the farm owns 20 hectares of vineyards where sangiovese, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay grapes are grown.

Leone Conti

S. Lucia, Faenza - Ravenna

A good wine is the result of alliance between man and nature. This is the motto of Leone Conti farm which intends to keep traditions alive.

Persolino - Strocchi I.P.

Faenza - Ravenna

A few kilometres far away from Faenza, the institute is a small oenological centre created with the direct commitment of the students and supported by a wellequipped winery for research.

Podere La Berta

Brisighella - Ravenna

This winery produces only top-quality, typical local wines using exclusively autochthonous grapes.

Poderi Morini

Faenza - Ravenna

The company owns a 35-hectare vineyard in the clayey area surroundin the Tower of Oriolo dei Fichi and produces the Doc and Docg grapes of Romagna.


Riolo Terme - Ravenna

Founded in the ‘70s, the company occupies 15 hectares of land on the hills of Riolo Terme.


Faenza - Ravenna

This winery is located in Castel Raniero on the lower hills of Faenza. On 4 hectares grapes have been grown since 2001 using organic farming techniques.


Lugo - Ravenna

The Rontana winery was set up in 2000 Its vineyards are at 400 m above sea level and it has an ideal microclimate for grapes taking a long time to ripen.


Santa Lucia delle Spianate, Faenza - Ravenna

On the low hills of Faenza, near the Tower of Oriolo, the company grows typical and ancient grapes of Romagna.

Stefano Ferrucci

Castel Bolognese - Ravenna

Since 1932, the farm has always been a family-run company. Its vineyards stretch for 14 hectares in the Serra area of Castel Bolognese.


Castelbolognese - Ravenna

This family-run winery is located on the hills of Riolo Terme and grows mainly typical local grapes, like Albana, Sangiovese and Pignoletto, which are processed and bottled directly at the winery.

Tenuta Lovatella

Faenza - Ravenna

This winery has specialised in the production of fine raisin wines, getting back to the use of grape varieties which reflect local biodiversity, as well as the art and history of the territory

Tenuta Masselina

Località Serra, Castelbolognese - Ravenna

his winery has 17 hectares of vineyards on hilly soils suitable for top-quality production. It grows various types of grapes, including Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Albana and Trebbiano.

Tenuta Nasano

Riolo Terme - Ravenna

For generations, the Gardi family has been carrying on the art of wine-making, combining ancient traditions with modern technologies.


Faenza - Ravenna

Trerè, on the hills of Faenza, includes a winery and an holiday farm. Its vineyards cover 35 hectares.

Vigne dei Boschi

Brisighella - Ravenna

The company is located in Valpiana di Brisighella and owns 35 hectares, 6,5 of which are covered by vineyards. Vineyards are grown according to organic farming principles.

Vigne di San Lorenzo

Fognano di Brisighella - Ravenna

In 1998 Filippo Manetti purchased a small hamlet of medieval origin called Campiume. Traditional methods are used both for wine-growing and for wine making in order to get a certified organic production.

Villa Liverzano

Brisighella - Ravenna

Ancient villa surrounded by a park in the area of the so-called “vena di gesso”. Its 3 hectare vineyard is at 380 m above sea level.


Faenza - Ravenna

The farm has a 6-hectare vineyard on which grapes are grown adopting the integrated pest control. You can also deepen your knowledge of wine by tasting wine and other products.

Zoli Paolo

Faenza - Ravenna

This winery was set up in 1934 and covers an area of 16 hectares on which albana, sangiovese, trebbiano, pignoletto, cagnina, uva longanesi and centesimino grapes are mainly grown.

Agricola Gambi

Ravenna - Ravenna

The company has been operating for four generations. Its vineyards comply with modern vine-growing criteria regarding cost reduction, automation, low environmental impact and the search for high quality products.

Azienda Agricola Sbarzaglia Luca

Villanova di Ravenna - Ravenna

Its 16 hectares of vineyards are located in Villanova di Ravenna, where production, selection and sale of top quality wines are also carried out. The farm rediscovered the autochthonous vine “Uva del Tunde”.

Ballardini Gabriele e Giancarlo

Bagnacavallo - Ravenna

The company, founded in 1989, is a member of “Il Bagnacavallo” Consortium. The company occupies a land of 3,3 hectares, where mainly longanesi and trebbiano grapes are grown.

Bucolica Domus

Bagnacavallo - Ravenna

Set up in 1999 on the outskirts of Bagnacavallo near Ravenna, Bucolica Domus is a family-run company, which grows mainly cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot grapes.

Cantina Casadio

Cotignola - Ravenna

Cantina Casadio consists of two separate units, one located in Cotignola in the lowland of Ravenna and the other in Brisighella on the hills of the Natural Park of Vena del Gesso.

Giuseppe Turi

Sant’Agata sul Santerno - Ravenna

This farm founded in 1996 is situated in Sant’Agata on Santerno. It extends over 3 ha of hard clayey soil on which the main crops cultivated are merlot, cabernet, and trebbiano grape varieties.

Gordini Paolo

Bagnacavallo - Ravenna

The Gordini family started to grow grapes at the beginning of the 19th century. In the mid-1990’s the company made a remarkable improvement.

Longanesi Daniele

Bagnacavallo - Ravenna

The Longanesi family has saved from extinction the autochthonous Longanesi vine, also known as Burson. It has been lately concentrating on the Famoso vine.


Madonna dell’Albero - Ravenna

This farm was founded by the creator of Uva del Tundè grape.

Nero del Bufalo

Sant’Agata sul Santerno - Ravenna

This farm founded in 1996 is situated in Sant’Agata on Santerno. It extends over 5 ha of hard clayey soil on which the main crops cultivated are merlot, cabernet, and trebbiano grape varieties.


Fusignano - Ravenna

Founded in 1951, the company includes several farms located in the territories of Alfonsine and Fusignano. The company grows mainly trebbiano, uva longanesi, pinot, chardonnay, malbo gentile and famoso grapes.

Tenuta Uccellina

Russi - Ravenna

Set up in 1985, It has a seven-hectare vineyard where sangiovese, albana, una longanesi and famoso grapes are grown.

Terre Cevico

Lugo - Ravenna

The Cevico Group checks the production of 5,000 grape growers. Its main brands are Terre Cevico, Vigneti Galassi and Bernardi.


Lugo - Ravenna

Established in 2008, the Viabizzuno farm has finished a process of conversion of its 6-hectares vineyards located in Birsighella to organic farming.

Az. Agricola Alessandro Balducci

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

Founded in 1965, this farm is situated on the lower hills between Forlì and Faenza, a few kilometres from Castrocaro Terme.

Balia di Zola

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

Its vineyards surround an old cottage of very ancient origin. The company’s purpose is the promotion of Sangiovese wine.


Loc. Casticciano, Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 1989, when Bissoni bought the Podere Colecchio farm, belonged for 1000 years to the Diocesan Curia of Bertinoro. In its vineyard where sangiovese and albana grapes are grown.


Castiglione - Forlì-Cesena

It is a family-run company set up in 1977 and located in Castiglione on the low hills between Forlì and Faenza. The company’s vineyards cover 7 hectares.


Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Campodelsole with a great advanced cellar produces wines able to express the complete potentialities of its own territory.

Cantina Casa Mora

Predappio - Forlì - Cesena

Casa Mora wine-cellar is a small company that it was bought in the 70s by Silvano Camporesi. Today the company is run by Paolo Camporesi, son of Silvano, who followed in the footsteps of his father managed to get crafted sangiovese wine typical of the areas of Predappio.

Cantina Forlì Predappio

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

The history of Cantina Forlì Predappio started in 1908, a long tradition of winegrowers thet formed a cooperative to produce high quality wines.

Casetta dei Frati

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

The company is located just above Modigliana village, on the southern side of the valley. It has 8,5 hectares of vineyards.


Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

The company is on the hills of Modigliana, in some microareas called ‘ronchi’, particulary suitable for the production of top quality grapes.


Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 1963, this winery selects grapes coming from 29 hectares of vineyard, located in the area of Bertinoro.


Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

This farm and its vineyards are situated at the foot of Bertinoro’s hill. The farm produces all local Doc and Docg wines.


Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2001, this winery covers an area of 92 hectares, on 75 of which Sangiovese and Merlot grapes are grown for the production of wines aiming at competing with the best Italian wines.

Consorzio Appennino Romagnolo

Castrocaro Terme e Terre del Sole - Forlì-Cesena

Founded in 2010, this consortium includes today 23 wineries sharing the aim of enhancing Sangiovese and Albana wines produced on the Romagna Apennines for their intrinsic characteristics.

Conti Guarini Matteucci

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

The company includes three farms and was set up in 1908 by the Count Piero. Vines and olive trees are grown.

Country Resort Tenuta de’ Stefenelli

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

This winery has 10 hectares of vineyards, on which Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet franc, white Bombino, white Pinot and Rhenish Riesling grapes are grown.

Drei Donà Tenuta La Palazza

Massa di Vecchiazzano Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

Historic romagnolo company, Drei Donà is located on the romagnolo hills, among Forlì, Castrocaro e Predappio.

Due Tigli

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

The Due Tigli firm includes 5,000 associate wine-makers in Romagna. Il Pignoletto won god medal at wine competition “Vinitaly 2010”.

Fattoria Nicolucci

Predappio Alta - Forlì-Cesena

In 1885 the Nicolucci family became the owners of the wine cellars inside the fortress of Predappio Alta where high quality Sangiovese has been produced since 1283. Today Alessandro, drawing on his father’s experience, runs the winery where vineyards, the land and the climate are as one.

Fattoria Paradiso

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

This farm owned by the Pezzi family has 50 hectares of vineyards located on the hills.


Castrocaro Terme - Forlì-Cesena

The winery is located on the hills around Castrocaro. Its 6-hectare vineyards have a clayey soil and are sunlit all day long.

Giovanna Madonia

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

The company is located on the side of the beautiful hill of Montemaggio, in Bertinoro.

Giovanna Missiroli

Cusercoli - Forlì-Cesena

The company is in Cusercoli and was set up in 1967. The vineyards stretch for 11 hectares on the hill of Farneto.

I Sabbioni

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

This winery is located in Forlì on the border with the Oriolo subarea. It has always followed conventional agronomic methods, including the production of 100% Sangiovese wines.

Il Teatro

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2012 in Fognano di Brisighella, this winery grows one hectare of land which is home to the most representative local grapes, namely Sangiovese and Albana di Romagna.

La Fornace

San Savino Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2005, this winery lies on the hills of Predappio. The winery, which has a 3-hectare vineyard, produces a top quality wine.

La Pandolfa

Fiumana di Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

Erected in the XVIII century, the farm has 40 hectares which are planted with vineyards, in the Rabbi valley. The old cellars of the palace were refurbished for the ageing of valuable wines.


Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

The company includes the vineyards of Podere Ceretola and Podere Cucculia. Special group tastings are organized on booking with home-made specialities.

Noelia Ricci

Fiumana di Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

This winery located on the north-west side of the Rabbi river valley grows Sangiovese grapes on 7 hectares of clayey-sandy soil.

Podere Baratta

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Foundation: 1999. Hectares of vines: 8. Main vine varieties: albana, sangiovese, trebbiano, montepulciano.

Podere I Biagi

Scardavilla, Meldola - Forlì-Cesena

This winery is located in Scardavilla, on the hills of Meldola, at 150 m a.s.l. It grows Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Merlot, Cabernet and Albana grapes on 3 hectares of east-facing, ferrous plots of land.

Poderi dal Nespoli

Loc. Nespoli, Civitella di Romagna - Forlì-Cesena

The origin of the winery dates back to the first half of the 20th century. Today it offers quality wines linked to the area of Cusercoli.

Rocca le Caminate

Meldola - Forlì-Cesena

The farm thanks to its position and to the care of the vineyards, produces a sangiovese of high quality.

Sabbatani Vini di Cuore

San Lorenzo in Noceto - Forlì-Cesena

This winery has 50 hectares of vineyards on the hills of Predappio, on whose clayey soil it grows local and international grapes.


Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2010, this winery has 6 hectares of vineyards at the foot of an old sulphur quarry in Predappio. The wine labels feature paintings by the local painter “Grota” which can be seen in the wine cellar.

Tenuta Diavoletto

Casticciano - Forlì-Cesena

The origin from South Tyrol of the Girardi family and the love for Romagna have combined into an original and nature friendly production set on the hill of Bertinoro.

Tenuta Fulcera

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Tenuta Fulcera owns 23 hectares of vineyards on the hills of Bertinoro.

Tenuta La Viola

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

Tenuta La Viola is located on the hill of Bertinoro at 100 m above sea level, where the Gabellini family has been growing grapes and making wines since 1998.

Tenuta Pennita

Terra del Sole - Forlì-Cesena

The farm lies on the lower hills of Terra del Sole. Vineyars extend over 28 hectares, crossed by olive trees.

Tenuta Pertinello

Località Pertinello, Galeata - Forlì-Cesena

This winery is on the hills overlooking the Bidente Valley. Its 11-hactares vineyards are located at 300 m above sea level on stony, clayey and limy sil facing the sea.

Tenuta Piccolo Brunelli

Galeata - Forlì-Cesena

In 20 hectares of vineyards sangiovese and other international grapes are grown.

Tenuta Valli

Ravaldino in Monte - Forlì-Cesena

The brand, which has been the property of the Polgrossi family for some generations, has existed since the year 1859. The farm has 30 hectars vineyards specialized in organic farming.

Tenuta Villa Rovere

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

This winery, located at the foot of Terra del Sole, has 6 hectares of vineyards which are enclosed in a natural clos and isolated from the surrounding vegetation by rivers and rows of trees.

Tenuta Villa Trentola

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

The farm lies on the hills of Bertinoro, where sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes are grown.

Terre Contese

Terra del Sole - Castrocaro - Forlì

Set up in 2005, this organic farm is located on the hills surrounding the fortress of Terra del Sole. It stretches for 20 hectares, 9 of which are covered by vineyards.

Torre San Martino

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

The farm has 10 hectares of vineyard grown with many grape varieties and brings forth a project of exploitation of the terroir in the respect of the environment and the autochtonous vines

Valpiani Marta

Castrocaro Terme - Forlì-Cesena

The company was born in 1999, founded by Marta Valpiani. Located on Bagnolo hill in Castrocaro Terme, the company is located at 300 m altitude.

Villa Bagnolo

Castrocaro Terme - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2000, this winery is located at 300 m above sea level on the gentle hills of Forlì.

Villa Papiano

Modigliana - Forlì-Cesena

Villa Papiano was founded in 2000 by a group who performed the environmental recovery of the area and implemented a very important wine-growing project.

Vini del Vicariato

Forlì - Forlì-Cesena

This winery was set up to exploit 50 hectares of land located on the hills of Bertinoro, Castrocaro and Forlì- Vecchiazzano, suitable for Sangiovese wine.

Zaccarini Andrea

Bertinoro - Forlì-Cesena

The farm was founded in 2000, when the chef Andrea Zaccarini decides to start this new interprise. In its vineyards sangiovese, trebbiano, albana and pagadebit grapes are grown.

Zanetti Protonotari Campi

Frazione Colmano, Predappio - Forlì-Cesena

This winery is housed in Villa dei Raggi, which in 1800 belonged to the count Giuseppe Campi, the founder of the winery, who received a prize at the Paris international exposition of 1889.


Roncofreddo - Forlì-Cesena

This young organic winery has renovated historic winemaking cellars and produces premium quality wines exclusively from selected grapes.

Azienda Agricola Colombarda SPA

San Vittore di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Colombarda was started in the second half of the 19th century on the hills of Cesena and stretches over 50 hectares, 30 of which covered by vineyards.


Mercato Saraceno - Forlì-Cesena

This is one of the most ancient wineries of Romagna. It started a modernization plan for the promotion of sangiovese grape and the use of international grapes.

Cantina Braschi

Mercato Saraceno - Forlì-Cesena

The Braschi winery is located in Bertinoro and its vineyards covers about 10 hectares on a hilly area. The company produces mainly Doc and Docg di Romagna wines.

Castello di Carpineta

Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

On its 2.4 hectares of vineyards, four clones of Sangiovese di Romagna grapes are grown, which are harvested exclusively by hand in order to produce a ruby red wine with a very fine bouquet.

Consorzio Vino e Olio Cesena

Cesena - Forlì

This consortium aims at enhancing the wine production of the Cesena hills. It includes thirteen wineries, which distinguish themselves for top quality wines, run by a group of young winemakers with a modern vision of winemaking, who share important decisions while respecting the specific features of their individual wineries.

Galassi Maria

Paderno di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

The farm is a 36-hectare farm, with vineyards extending over an area of 18 hectares situated in Paderno. The vineyards are grown according to organic farming methods.

Il Gallo Nero - Guerra

Borghi - Forlì-Cesena

This family-run business dedicates to wine making and fruit growing. Founded in 1982, it grows Sangiovese, Syrah, Refosco and Trebbiano grapes on its hillside vineyards.

Il Glicine

Rio Eremo di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

The company was set up in 1972 and its vineyards cover about 20 hectares. In 1999 a new winery was built.

Istituto Tecnico Garibaldi/Da Vinci

Cesena - FC

This high school was founded in 1882 and the vineyards and orchards have always been grown by the adjoining farm for educational purposes.

La Castellana

Massa di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

La Castellana was set up in 1967 on the hills of Bertinoro, over an area of 6,5 hectares, most of which covered by vineyards.

La Grotta

Saiano di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

This farm was set up in 1996 and is located on the hills of Cesena. It has a 12-hectare vineyard, looked after by the owner who also manages the winery. Integrated control measures are applied.


Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

The company, recently built, is located on the hills outside Cesena and is provided with ultra-modern processing equipment. In the 14 hectares of vineyards, it grows sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Podere La Torre

Roncofreddo - Forlì

This small family-run winery on the hills of Rubicone produces wine, oil and cherries.

Podere Palazzo

Carpineta di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Small, family-run winery located in the heart of Romagna, where local wines are produced with great passion by making the most of ancient vineyards.

San Lorenzo in Scanno

Longiano - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 1975, this winery focuses on continuous quality improvement in order to distinguish itself for the unique features and excellent flavour of its wines.

Spalletti Colonna di Paliano

Savignano sul Rubicone - Forlì-Cesena

The winery is the heart of the homonymous farm in Savignano, in the ancient castle of Ribano (11th century). Set up in 1920, its vineyards stretch for 72 hectares.

Tenuta Amalia - Cantina di Cesena

Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Tenuta Amalia reflects the landscape, culture, flavours and history of Romagna. It is a quality brand that offers special wines born from the tradition of a unique land.

Tenuta Casali

Mercato Saraceno - Forlì-Cesena

The farm, located in the Savio valley, stretches for 50 hectares, 18 of which are covered by vineyards, where local and international grapes are grown.

Tenuta il Plino

San Carlo, Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Tenuta Il Plino was founded in 1999 and has got 10 hectares mainly planted. Tenuta Il Plino took its name from Plino river that flows among the vineyards.

Tenuta Neri Giovanni e Valeria

Carpineta di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 1951, the farm covers an area of 62 hectares, 21 of which covered by vineyards. The winery has an independent system for the direct bottling of wine.

Tenuta San Martino

Calisese di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

This winery located in Calisese, near Cesena, has 6 hectares of vineyards on which Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes are grown. The newly built holiday farmhouse offers a catering service at weekends.

Tenuta Santa Lucia

Mercato Saraceno - Forlì-Cesena

The farm is located on the hills between Romagna region and Tuscany. It occupies 100 hectares of land, 15 of which are vineyards where sangiovese, albana and famoso are grown.

Tenuta Volpe

Monteleone - Roncofreddo - Forlì-Cesena

On the lower hills of Cesena, the farm covers an area of 170 hectares. It also cultivates olive trees, cereals, alfalfa, cherries and vegetables.



From the union of two wineries locatedin Cesena, Podere Palazzo and Cantina Braschi, are born Terramossa wines, both produced with the Charmat method

Terre della Pieve

Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2003 Terre della Pieve produces top quality wines from traditional Romagnolo grapes, produced in the hamlet of Polenta, located in the area of Bertinoro.


Lizzano di Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

The Valmorri company is located on the hills just above Cesena. Its property covers a surface area of about 12 hectares cultivated using organic methods, 9 of which are vineyards.

Villa San Lazzaro

Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

Then farms occupies 3,5 hectares on the hills of Cesena. The vineyards have been replaced by high-density systems to reach high-quality standards.

Villa Venti

Roncofreddo - Forlì-Cesena

Set up in 2002, this winery stretches over an area of 7 hectares between the hills of Roncofreddo and Longiano, particularly suitable for wine-growing.

Zavalloni Stefano

Cesena - Forlì-Cesena

The Zavalloni family has been working its 11-hectare land for over one century now. Sangiovese, albana and trebbiano grapes are grown.

Agricola I Muretti

Monte Colombo - Rimini

This winery stretches over 13 hectares, 3 of which covered by vineyards. On the remaining ones, fruit and olive trees are grown. The farm is converting to organic farming methods.


Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini

Ancient family-run company set up in 1950, Casa Vinicola Battistini has been always committed to the enhancement of the typical Romagnolo wines.

Casa Zanni

Villa Verucchio - Rimini

The winery stretches over an area of 40 hectares, 28 of which covered by vineyards, on the hills of Verucchio.

Case Marcosanti

Poggio Berni - Rimini

The company is located at the feet of Poggio Berni hills, near Marcosanti palace. The vineyards are grown with sangiovese and trebbiano grapes.

Ca’ Perdicchi

Rimini - Rimini

Set up in 1980, the farm owns 30 hectares of vineyard where both local and international grapes are grown.

Collina dei Poeti

Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini

Located in Santarcangelo di Romagna, this farm owns 3 hectares of vineyards where sangiovese and albana grapes are grown.

Enio Ottaviani

San Clemente - Rimini

This winery located in the heart of the Malatesta land has been dealing in the wine sector for over 50 years.

Fattoria del Piccione

San Savino Montecolombo - Rimini

The cellar, born in thr 18th century, is inside of the Castle of S. Savino.

Fattoria Poggio San Martino

San Giovanni in Marignano - Rimini

This winery was set up in 1958. Its 20-hectare vineyards stretch on the hills of San Giovanni in Marignano and Saludecio. The vineyards are grown with sangiovese, trebbiano, pignoletto and pagadebit grapes.


Croce di Monte Colombo - Rimini

Holiday farm surrounded by vineyards. First company in Rimini to produce wines by organic farming, in 2011 Fiammetta got the mark AIAB.

Il Mio Casale

Monte Colombo - Rimini

On the hills of Monte Colombo, the farm produces organic oil, cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables for direct selling and cuisine.

Le Rocche Malatestiane

Rimini - Rimini

Since 1959 Rocche Malatestiane has been representing the winemaking roots of the Rimini area. The winery’s production identity is strongly connected to Sangiovese grapes.

Palazzo Astolfi

Poggio Torriana - Rimini

Farm with over 16 hectares of land, on which grapes, olive and fruit trees are grown, and two 19th-century farmhouses used as holiday farmhouses. The bishop`s palce is used as venue for conferences and receptions.

Podere Bianchi

Coriano - Rimini

Located on the hills of Coriano, this family-run winery produces Doc local wines. Tastings of typical local products are available on request (reservation required).

Podere dell’Angelo

Vergiano di Rimini - Rimini

Family-run winery located on the lower hills of the Rimini inland, which was set up several generations ago. A new cellar and a tasting room are built in 2010.

Podere Vecciano

Località Ospitaletto - Coriano Rimini

This winery is located on the hills of the Rimini inland. It applies ancient agronomic techniques and natural methods for the production of its wines, distillates, and extra-virgin olive oil.

San Patrignano

Coriano - Rimini

The winery has 110 hectares on the hills of Coriano. Its development plan includes high-density plantation systems, clonal selection, investments in equipment and machinery.

Tenuta Carbognano

Gemmano - Rimini

Set up in 2005 by the sommelliers Ornella and Marco out of their love for wine, the winery has 3 hectares of vineyards in the Conca Valley.

Tenuta del Monsignore

S. Giovanni in Marignano - Rimini

The history of the winery is that of the Bacchini family and dates back to the 15 th century. It has 140 hectares of land, on 80 and 13 of which grapes and olive trees are respectively grown.

Tenuta Mara

San Clemente - Rimini

This winery founded in 2005 is located in San Clemente di Rimini. It has 10 hectares of vineyards, on which Sangiovese grapes are grown according to entirely biodynamic farming methods.

Tenuta Saiano

Montebello - Poggio di Torriana - Rimini

This winery is set in a 60-hectare natural oasis rich in local fauna and flora. The sedimentary lands distinguish the corporate identity and its wines.

Tenuta Santini

Coriano - Rimini

The winery stretches over an area of 34 hectares on the hills of Coriano and produces wines. Sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes are grown.

Terre di Fiume

Ospedaletto di Coriano - Rimini

Set up in 2000, this farm produces wines by organic farming. It got the CCPB mark in 2003.

Torre del Poggio

San Giovanni in Marignano - Rimini

Since 1900, the company passed down the art of wine-making from father to son for three generations, obtaining a wide range of Doc wines.

Valle delle Lepri

Coriano - Rimini

Set up in 1980, this winery embraced organic farming in 1992 practicing inter row grassing for over 20 years and has always worked in the vineyard with the utmost care.

Villa Otto Lune

Rimini - RN

The winery was founded in the Sixties out of a project aimed at studying and promoting the Sangiovese variety. Innovation and tradition blend together to yield a wine featuring a unique and unmistakeable style.

Vigneti Calzetti

San Vitale Baganza - Parma

Situated in an ancient Medieval villagge, the Farm was founded in 1970. Its vineyards extend over an area of about 10 hectares and all the grapes come from the farm’s own vineyards

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